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Why Choose Data Science?
Although data and analytics are widely acknowledged as essential for business success, a scarcity of qualified professionals and training opportunities impedes their effective adoption.
2.5 million data science jobs by 2026
Most in-demand skill in the market
Commanding Top Salaries
Average CTC of 21LPA

Who should choose Data Science?

Data Analyst 
IT Professionals
Mathematics and Statistics Graduates
Business Analysts
Researchers and Academics
Healthcare Professionals
Finance Professionals
Anyone interested in learning Data Science and Analytics

How does Debugshala navigate the learning experience?

Choosing a course with lectures and modules for a certificate isn't enough. DebugShala goes beyond, offering hands-on implementation, AI tools, and a performance dashboard for practical learning.
It's not just about certificates, it's about building real solutions.
Practical Learning Offline

Benefit from a carefully curated batches, ensuring a collaborative and enriching learning experience.

Personalized Training Experience

Benefit from a carefully curated batches, ensuring a collaborative and enriching learning experience.

Personal AI Assistant - Meet Yukti

Navigate your Data Science journey with Yukti, your personal AI assistant at DebugShala.

Progress Tracking Dashboard and Study Space

Track your progress seamlessly with our dedicated dashboard.

Interactive Offline Developer Community

You learn and grow best when you are surrounded by like-minded people , You will be made part of a community where you can network, share opportunities, and build relations.

Let's have an overview of the course

Module 1
Python Programming and Data Basics
Unlocking the Power of Python and MySQL for Data Manipulation
  • Master Python fundamentals and syntax.
  • Learn MySQL for database operations.
  • Acquire skills in data extraction and preprocessing.
  • Understand CRUD operations with SQL.
  • Apply Python and MySQL for efficient data handling.
Module 2
Data Visualization
Crafting Compelling Narratives with Data: The Art of Visualization
  • Explore data visualization importance in analysis.
  • Create static visualizations with Matplotlib and Seaborn.
  • Explore Data Visualization dashboards with PowerBI.
  • Conduct an exploratory data analysis project.
Module 3
Machine Learning
From Data to Decisions: A Journey into Machine Learning
  • Grasp machine learning concepts and types.
  • Implement algorithms with Scikit-Learn.
  • Optimize models through feature engineering.
  • Introduce neural networks using TensorFlow and Keras.
  • Build and fine-tune predictive models.
module 4
Advanced Topics and Real-world Applications
Mastering Complexity: Advanced Techniques and Practical Applications in Data Science
  • Dive into time series analysis.
  • Explore Natural Language Processing (NLP) techniques.
  • Undertake advanced data analysis and ML projects.
  • Understand deployment and integration strategies.
  • Conclude with an end-to-end data science project for your portfolio.

Master these tools

Jupyter Notebook
scikit learn

Roadmap at Debugshala

Counseling Session

Seek guidance and advice for career development.

Admission Process

Gain practical experience through applied learning.

Placement Preparation

Enhance employability skills and prepare for job interviews.

Capstone Project

Develop data driven solutions on real world data and insights

Interview & Exposure

Engage in mock interviews and gain industry exposure.


Secure a job position aligned with career aspirations.

Seeking Answers? Find Them All in Our Detailed FAQ

What makes Debugshala's Data Science course in Indore unique, and how does Yukti by Debugshala enhance the learning experience?
Debugshala's Data Science course in Indore is distinguished by its practical training, personalized mentorship, and the support of the interactive developer community. Yukti by Debugshala amplifies the learning experience by providing AI-assisted tools that offer personalized insights, ensuring a more efficient learning journey in data analytics.
Can you provide more details about Debugshala's Java courses in Indore and the role of AI-enhanced learning modules by Yukti by Debugshala?
Debugshala offers a diverse range of Java courses in Indore. These courses encompass hands-on training, personalized mentorship, and active participation in our developer community. Yukti by Debugshala enhances these courses with AI-assisted learning modules, providing intelligent insights and adapting to students' learning pace for a more effective education.
What is the fee structure for Debugshala's Java Full Stack Development program in Indore?
The fees for our Java Full Stack Development program in Indore vary based on the program and duration you choose. For detailed information, please contact our admissions team. Additionally, Debugshala gives hands-on training at industry level standards ensuring placement success and domain knowledge.
How does Debugshala's MERN Stack Development course ensure student mastery in Web Development
Debugshala's MERN Stack Development course is designed to ensure student success through practical training, mentorship, and participation in our interactive developer community. Yukti by Debugshala's AI tools play a vital role in enhancing learning experiences by providing adaptive content, quizzes, and assignments, tailored to individual student progress.
What is the placement assistance like at Debugshala's courses in Indore, and how does Yukti by Debugshala contribute to job placement success?
Debugshala's approach includes a 100% placement assistance for our courses in Indore. Yukti by Debugshala combines AI-assisted training modules with real-time job market insights, ensuring that students are well-prepared for securing jobs in their chosen field.
How does Yukti by Debugshala's AI-assisted training benefit students in their training course?
In the training course, Debugshala integrates Yukti by Debugshala's AI-assisted modules to enhance the learning experience. This dynamic approach helps students gain a deeper understanding of data analytics, and Yukti by Debugshala's AI tools adapt to the individual's learning pace, optimizing their data science journey.
Can you elaborate on the role of the interactive developer community at Debugshala?
Our interactive developer community at Debugshala fosters collaboration, innovation, and networking. It's a space where students and professionals connect, share ideas, and support each other.
Is there a company affiliated with Debugshala that specializes in staffing and recruitment services?
Yes, Debugshala partners with "The Data Career," who specializes in staffing and recruitment services. They focus on connecting skilled individuals who have completed Debugshala's courses with promising job opportunities in the industry. This collaboration ensures that our students have access to a wide network of job placements and opportunities tailored to their skills and aspirations.

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